5 cool handles for your closet, kitchen or bathroom

Are you ready for a cool look for your closet, kitchen or bathroom? Then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we inspire you with 3 cool handles from Doorhandlescenter.co.uk!

What kind of cool handles are there?

Black handles

Black: the color of elegance and mystery. Black handles are perfect for those who love a minimalist and modern look, these handles add a touch of sophisticated luxury to any cabinet or kitchen. Whether they shine on light surfaces or merge with dark woods, black handles are the definition of a timeless look.

Black handles go well with:

  • Modern and minimalist design: perfect match with clean lines and simple shapes.
  • Contrasting effect: stunning on light surfaces such as white cabinets or walls.
  • Industrial style: combines well with raw materials such as concrete or metal.
  • Scandinavian interiors: adds a bold element to predominantly bright spaces.

Brass handles

Brass handles, with their rich, golden glow, bring a bit of sunshine to any room. Ideal for those who want to add a touch of nostalgia or a classic flair to their cabinets or kitchens. Pair them with dark wood or deep, rich colors for a look that is both luxurious and inviting.

Brass handles go well with:

  • Classic and vintage kitchens: brings a rich, old-fashioned charm.
  • Dark-colored cabinets: creates a luxurious contrast with dark woods or deep colors.
  • Bohemian and eclectic styles: adds an artistic and unique touch.
  • Warm color palettes: complement earth tones and natural materials.

Steel doorhandles

Steel handles are a must-have for those seeking a balance between industrial toughness and subtle elegance. Their neutral charm makes them suitable for a wide range of kitchen styles, from sleek modern to rustic. In addition, they are easy to maintain, making them ideal for busy kitchens. Steel stands for durability and style, a combination that belongs in every kitchen.

Steel handles go well with:

  • Industrial and utilitarian designs: reinforces tough, functional character.
  • Modern and contemporary spaces: fits well with clean lines and minimalist shapes.
  • Rustic and country kitchens: offers a nice contrast with natural woods.
  • Neutral and monochromatic color schemes: adds texture and depth without being distracting.

Our 3 favorite cool handles

  • Handle BARN – Black – 320mm: Perfect for a country style, this handle adds a rustic character to any interior, ideal for spaces such as utility rooms or barns.
  • Handle BOLD – Steel – 128mm: With its sleek and industrial design, the Handle BOLD is a versatile addition to any modern interior, from minimalist to more pronounced styles.
  • Handle MAIN – Brass – 192 mm: A stylish and functional handle that instantly gives your furniture a luxurious look. Suitable for a variety of applications such as cabinets, drawers, and kitchen doors, this brass handle brings elegance to any room.

Other ways to implement the tough look

Want to continue that rugged look in your home? Start by embracing industrial materials. Consider a solid wood table or sturdy metal lamps that exude raw charm. Pair with soft, accented leather or cushions made of chunky fabrics for an interesting contrast. Choose walls in deep, dark tones such as navy blue or slate gray, which add an air of warmth and character to your space. Art also plays a key role: a large, abstract painting or a few carefully chosen vintage décor pieces can give the space an extra cool touch. By bringing these elements together, you not only create an interior that exudes toughness in its details, but also in its overall atmosphere and look.

Need help choosing the right handles? Feel free to contact us for advice or check out our frequently asked questions!

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